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  • What is the minimum age and the maximum age to participate in a mission, a construction site or a stay abroad?
    As part of the missions carried out with families, children over 3 years old can participate accompanied by their legal guardian. Only, the minimum age for our activities is 15 years old, with parental authorization, for youth camps. Although the majority of our volunteer volunteers are between 18 and 30 years old. More and more older people are joining us. Now, people over 65 must submit a medical certificate authorizing them to participate in our actions.
  • What are the departure dates? And how long are the internships and missions?
    Departure dates for humanitarian missions and internships abroad are free and departures are possible throughout the year. It takes six to eight weeks of preparation for a departure abroad. Only camps and humanitarian worksites are on fixed dates in winter and summer.
  • Can I participate or commit to ADM from home?
    Yes, it is possible to get involved in ADM, even from home and to help us remotely by doing, for example, work online. ADM has many needs. You can help us at all levels! Do not hesitate to contact us on +33 (0) 1 82 88 11 83 or write to us at to let us know your commitment offer.
  • Who can become a partner of Action in the World? What is the procedure ?
    Action dans le Monde is a partner with organizations and professionals, artists, associations and student organizations. Also, do not hesitate to contact us to see what the partnership possibilities could be by writing to us at
  • Can we go with several people (friend, spouse, group, etc.)?
    Yes, it is possible to go with several people. To do this, simply let us know by contacting us on 0033 (0) 1 82 88 11 83. However, each registration file must be completed individually.
  • Where can I go?
    We offer placements for placements on 5 continents.
  • Who can participate in an internship abroad?
    Internships abroad are open to students or young graduates wishing to carry out an internship under agreement (or outside the study) and/or essentially at the end of their studies.
  • Is it necessary to belong to the religion of the country of destination to participate in the programs offered?
    No, it is not necessary to belong to any religion to go to any destination. That said, it is essential for all volunteers of our organization to show respect for the beliefs of the inhabitants of the country and the partner host structure.
  • Do we receive any remuneration or bonus?
    ADM is an organization made up primarily of people who are committed to donating their time, money and lifeblood free of charge. On the other hand, the NGO does not use any state subsidy in order to preserve its freedom of action and decision.
  • What are the starting conditions?
    All the details concerning the starting conditions can be found in the section demarches.
  • Is English compulsory to be able to leave?
    No, English is not required. First of all, because many of the countries covered by ADM are French-speaking. As far as English-speaking countries are concerned, even if you do not master the language of the country, with a little resourcefulness, you will do very well! Now, in the context of internships, for certain positions, it may be important to have a good level in the language of the host country. This information is specified on the job offer form. If the level of knowledge is not reached, the student will have to participate in two weeks of intensive private lessons at his own expense. This training will therefore be added to the price of the placement.
  • How much does participation in an operation cost?
    The participation fees vary according to the country of action, the type of project and the duration of your project. You will find the rates in the rates section of the brochure.
  • Do you take care of obtaining visas?
    ADM accompanies and directs only in the steps to obtain them.
  • With whom does Action dans le Monde work?
    Action dans le Monde works with structures of all shapes and sizes covering many areas (artistic, social, humanitarian, educational...). Depending on the country, our organization will be in partnership with professionals, cultural or religious associations to carry out its work and humanitarian support, while respecting the culture, the community and the target audience. Also, it is very important to inform us of your prerogatives in the context of the preparation of your project and to also be aware of the cultural constraints, of use of the country and the limits of our possibilities.
  • Is it possible to change destination in case of refusal or problem with my internship?
    After acceptance of your placement, Action dans le Monde is not responsible if there is a problem with your school. To be able to make a change there, you will have to fill in a change of destination form accompanied by the sum of 100€ to be able to benefit from a change.
  • Can I change destination?
    After accepting your destination, it is impossible to change it under any conditions for free. To be able to benefit from a change, you must pay the sum of €100 and fill in a stay modification form accompanied by the reason. The investment is made after payment of the full amount.
  • Est-il possible d'organiser une rencontre en personne avec l'équipe avant de s'engager au sein de votre organisation ?
    En raison de nos activités sur le terrain et de nos emplois du temps chargés, nous ne sommes pas en mesure d'organiser des rencontres en personne avec les candidats au départ avant leur inscription. Notre travail se fait principalement à distance ou lors de missions sur le terrain, limitant ainsi notre disponibilité pour des rencontres en face-à-face. Nous vous encourageons à nous contacter par e-mail ou par téléphone pour toute question préalable à votre inscription. Nous sommes impatients de vous accueillir dans notre équipe engagée.
  • Where do you recommend I buy my plane ticket?
    Unless you're going to a nearby location, you'll need to fly to your destination. ADM has no partnership and does not make any plane ticket reservations to get you there. However, ADM recommends two quality websites: GoVoyages and Edreams. On the other hand, within its own site, GoVoyages, offers you to make a comparison with other establishments. Also, do not hesitate to use this service. For some destinations, you can also use a travel agency. That said, in an agency, you will have to pay additional fees. The fact remains that there is one thing for sure: do not call on individuals who ask you to pay them personally. It has happened on several occasions that candidates for departure have had their money stolen in this way. Use a professional structure known to all: reservation on the airline's website, flight comparator website... In case of questions, contact us directly but, above all, do not make a decision alone if you are not sure.
  • Can I change the dates of my departure?
    After acceptance, you must pay €100 for any date changes and complete a stay modification form (internships, workcamps and language stays).
  • Can I get in touch with someone who has already left?
    Yes, we can put you in touch with former volunteers who have already left with us who can tell you about their experience. Contact us first, by phone, on +33 (0) 1 82 88 11 83 to discuss your project in more detail.
  • How do you handle the issue of security?
    As an organization committed to the field for almost 20 years, ADM takes the safety and well-being of its volunteers/trainees very seriously. We want to keep you safe throughout your project.
  • What insurance do you offer us?
    ADM's investments do not include insurance. The NGO is in partnership with Chapka Assurances, which offers a 5% reduction in all contracts (cancellation insurance, internship abroad and humanitarian mission).
  • What services do you offer for obtaining visas and vaccines?
    If you are an EU citizen, you will need a visa in some countries such as China, Ghana, Algeria.... Our investment manager will provide you with detailed information and procedures following your registration. As for vaccines, we recommend that you consult your doctor or go to a vaccination center for appropriate information. We have no medical expertise and can only advise you informally.
  • What is the clothing policy of the NGO?
    Like every organization, we have a clothing policy. We require all our volunteers, whatever your field of commitment (internship abroad, camps, mission or humanitarian site) to respect it. You should know that although dress is less and less important in Europe, it is not the case in the rest of the world. In Asia, as in Latin America and Africa, the way you dress will have an influence on the respect you will receive. For this, it is strictly forbidden to wear high-cut tops, tight-fitting outfits or mini-skirts for women. Men must take care to be clean and neat on themselves, clothes must be ironed. A sloppy outfit is a sign of poverty and madness in Africa. In Asia, you will then be despised by the community and mocked. It is essential to ensure this. In the Middle East, wearing short or low-cut clothes means being considered a prostitute or a woman of bad life by the local population, whereas in Australia, an island country where it is hot all year round, it is not not at all the case. If you want to wear accessories and jewelry, they have to be simple and sober. We must not see your tattoos and piercings. This is also very badly seen by the communities as a whole. You will then be seen as a person of bad life whose advice everyone will flee. So be sure to choose your clothes correctly when you pack your bags. Wearing the NGO T-Shirt is also strongly recommended. Indeed, being a representative of ADM and the population appreciating our services, you will benefit from the reputation of the people who preceded us. Whatever country you are going to as part of your humanitarian mission, we would like to remind you once again that your dress must be sober and respect the culture of the country.
  • What type of accommodation will I be staying in?
    Your accommodation costs are included in the cost of your mission. ADM is committed to providing you with secure, comfortable accommodation close to your workplace. All the types of accommodation offered will allow you to live an authentic experience, in total immersion in the culture of the country. For this, we offer two types of accommodation: - Private Housing, - Guesthouse accommodation. We have chosen to put our volunteers in private accommodation so that you have your privacy and are not disturbed.
  • Will I have internet access on site?
    The Internet is the main media used by our NGO. Also, if you are traveling as part of an internship abroad, a construction site or a humanitarian mission, know that our NGO will ensure that you can find a possibility of connecting to the network near your accommodation. Internet. The accommodation in which you will be staying will also have internet unless you are going to a remote location. For people leaving for specific courses, we also recommend that you find accommodation with internet. This is essential because, during your stay, you will need to send documents to ADM and a connection will also allow you to easily stay in touch with your relatives and the NGO. Finally, whatever your starting conditions, we strongly recommend that you leave with your laptop.
  • Who is entitled to benefit from a tax receipt from Action dans le Monde?
    Action dans le Monde only fills out a tax receipt under the following conditions: a donation to support the NGO, a humanitarian mission, a camp, a humanitarian project carried out or a medical internship abroad.
  • Can I participate even though I'm not French?
    Yes, all nationalities can participate. The European office takes care of the departures of all our volunteers. If you do not have European Union nationality, please contact us to assess the visa application conditions for your country of action.
  • How do I get a tax receipt?
    To obtain a tax receipt that will allow any French tax resident to benefit from a tax reduction of up to 66% (for individuals) or 60% (for companies), simply make the request to once your volunteer mission is over. We will send you a form to fill out, then you will receive your tax receipt by email.

N'hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous avez des questions et que vous ne trouvez pas vos réponses ici ou si vous souhaitez discuter plus en détails de vos projets. Pour cela, contactez-nous au +33 (0) 1 82 88 11 83  ou par email à

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